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Built to secure and organize
all your Apple devices.



The Robot Cloud Vision-Bot is a stunning and information-rich web interface that displays Apple device detail and highlights trouble areas. It's included with every Robot Cloud subscription and is available as an add-on to any JAMF Software Server (JSS) or Addigy subscription.


The Best Way to View Your Apple Device Data



Vision-Bot is included with every Robot Cloud subscription and is available as an add-on to any Addigy or Jamf Pro Server (JSS).


On the DEVICES tab, click the blue Generate Report button to display and download an interactive spreadsheet of all your Apple devices.

Try it now in the DEMO!


Replace spreadsheets with a stunning web interface that works great on iPads and your Mac. (Yes, you can use a PC too.)



Vision-Bot is built to draw attention to problem areas. This is especially useful for Tier-1 support desk staff and customers who simply want to see what's wrong. Vision-Bot saves time by avoiding the need to browse through the massive volume of device data collected by Jamf Pro and Addigy.




Groupings allow you to view devices in the context of a specific client, location, department, sub-department, and even types of users such as administrative, financial or creative. Groupings can be shared so your clients, store leaders or department heads see only their relevant devices.

* If you run your own Jamf Pro then you control the naming structure of your groupings. Vision-Bot can use your JSS Building, Department or Site structure to match the organization of each device.


Top Features



Vision-Bot helps your team quickly identify issues before they become critical. It monitors the condition of your Apple devices and highlights problem areas with easy-to-understand, color-coded health reports. It identifies devices with problems by symptom and severity so your support team knows where to focus their attention. 


Looking to get the big picture? Vision-Bot lets you browse Apple devices all at once, or by team, department or client. Even if you are managing thousands of devices, Vision-Bot makes it easy to find what you’re looking for with a fast, powerful search feature.


Tired of spending too much time searching for devices? Searching in Vision-Bot is extremely fast and reliable — especially compared to searching in Jamf Pro. Start typing a person or computer name, username, serial number, Jamf Pro ID, MAC address, or IP address to jump directly to that device. Plus, every device detail page includes a direct link to the device in your Jamf Pro or Robot Cloud.


Do you work in a large company or school with thousands of devices? Vision-Bot can subdivide devices based on the structure of your organization. Administrators, managers, and staff will all get their own Vision-Bot tailored to their departments.

Know More

Battery Health

With so many people turning to notebooks for their workstation of choice, it's very helpful to know when the battery is not 100% healthy.

Workload Trending

Ever wonder if a Mac is experiencing trouble or is simply too weak for the job? With Vision-Bot you'll know if the Paging Ratio and CPU loads are abnormally high.

No Training Required

Every section in Vision-Bot has a help icon that describes what's being displayed and includes suggestions and next steps, when available.

This means that even non-technical staff and clients can get involved in helping stay ahead of potential device issues.

Save Time

With Vision-Bot your support team can quickly identify trouble-areas in your fleet and go deeper with one-click access to …

  • The matching record in your Jamf Pro, or Addigy console, to obtain more detailed information.

  • Apple's Tech Specs database.

  • Knowing if the device is running OS X Server software.

  • Warranty information pulled directly from GSX and linked to Apple's Check Coverage page (Robot Cloud subscription or GSX access required).

  • Knowing if the device is Vintage or Obsolete.

  • Knowing if the device may be part of an Apple Repair Program.

  • Memory upgrade information and purchasing links.





Vision-Bot Configuration Details


Jamf Pro

If you host with Jamf, then you simply need to point Vision-Bot to your Jamf Pro instance. If you run Jamf Pro on-premise, then you must allow Vision-Bot to talk to your Jamf Pro server via the Jamf API. 

Vision-Bot runs on its own infrastructure. This means, even if your Jamf Pro is down, Vision-Bot will continue to serve the most recently available Jamf  Pro data.

BYO CrashPlan or use the Robot Cloud Add-on.

Code42 CrashPlan

Although your CrashPlan Server is always the best resource for up-to-the-minute backup status, Vision-Bot provides an extra layer of verification and allows you to get more "eyes" monitoring the critical status of backups. If you don't run CrashPlan, Robot Cloud can provide a CrashPlan Cloud destination.

If you run any flavor of CrashPlan, Vision-Bot will display a summary of the last known backup. This will include the …

  • Most recent backup date and time.

  • Number of days since the last backup.

  • Amount of data stored and the destination.

A warning (yellow) is indicated if a Mac has not backed up in over 3 days. No backup in over 7 days is considered critical (red).


Apple Time Machine

Where else — other than Vision-Bot — can you see the Time Machine backup status of all your Macs?


A mini Dashboard next to your tickets!

Dashboard for Zendesk enables your team to respond to tickets more efficiently by providing more context and up-to-date device data. View critical and often referenced Apple device information right next to tickets. Plus, get one-click access to more detailed information within Vision-Bot.



Feature & Benefit Summary

Device data by itself is not very helpful for making support and management decisions. Data presented in spreadsheets is also not very motivational to your team or clients. Vision-Bot with graphics and summary data can play a pivotal role. With Vision-Bot you get a summary level portrait of your Apple devices. This allows your team to more quickly and accurately respond to support requests. Vision-Bot creates a portrait of gaps and suggests possible solutions. It also enables management to know at a glance the age, warranty and status of company owned devices. What device problems are you having? 

Vision-Bot also allows you to share data that’s not too detailed or private — yet valuable to managers and support staff.


DEVICE LIST - Vision-Bot identifies critical problems that need your immediate attention by filtering devices by symptom and severity. Vision-Bot supports Macs, iOS and Apple TVs.

BROWSE BY DEPARTMENT - Use groupings to view the big picture by looking at your company as a whole, or per team or department.

DEVICE OVERVIEW - Quickly determine the health of a particular device by looking at an easy-to-understand, color-coded overview.

VERIFICATION - Vision-Bot is a double-check against the mountain of data collected in Jamf Pro. Sometimes a Jamf Pro alert, check-in or recon will fail and unless you're looking for this failure, it can be very difficult to discover — especially as your number of devices grow. Vision-Bot looks for this trouble. 

DEVICE DETAILS - Dive into the details to see what applications are installed, hard drive usage, and even the exact RAM configuration.

SEARCH - Search your devices by user name, computer name, serial number and more. Results appear instantly as you type.

REFERENCE - Vision-Bot is a great resource — that requires nearly zero training — for Tier-1 Support/Help Desk staff who do not (or should not) have access to your Jamf Pro server.

USER MANAGEMENT - Grant access with user accounts. Each user’s Vision-Bot will include only the data they are allowed to see.

ONLINE REPORTING - Vision-Bot is a 24/7 web interface for clients, department or location leaders — anyone wanting to see what devices are in the system and quickly understand the status.

EMAIL REPORTING - Every user account can choose to receive weekly emails summarizing the critical alerts in Vision-Bot. (See screenshot example below.)


Only $250 per month
Save 17% with a yearly subscription




JSS v9.93 or higher is required. Vision-Bot must be safe-listed to allow secure access to your Jamf Pro server via the Jamf API. Vision-Bot monitors the health and inventory of Apple devices in your company by extending the capabilities of your existing Jamf Pro server.

See our listing on the Jamf Marketplace.

If you’re not currently administering a Jamf Pro server, please consider subscribing to Robot Cloud, a hosted service that includes Jamf Pro, Vision-Bot, SupportMenu and more!