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The Value

The hidden value of Robot Cloud explained in single web page!

The Hidden Value
of Robot Cloud


You Want Control?

When I talk with IT Admins about Robot Cloud, their reaction is often tepid. Most of these administrators are tinkerers who believe that half the fun in their work is designing and building custom solutions. With Robot Cloud, however, all one has to do is enroll a device (and with Apple's DEP, even that step can be omitted). There is nothing more to click, toggle, or push. Robot Cloud is pre-built and hand-crafted to manage and secure all your Apple devices.

Robot Cloud can, of course, be customized and company-specific decisions must be made. These changes require careful consideration, open discussion, and thorough testing. For offices with no Change Management procedures, this level of scrutiny can be a new experience. For organizations with (or wanting) a clear structure built into their IT delivery process, thorough documentation and testing are welcome additions. A commitment to automation compels and requires teams to create a consistent, efficient and trackable structure to their work.

Robot Cloud automation provides crucial peace-of-mind to organizations and those responsible for securing Apple devices.  

You Want Value?

Robot Cloud is a unique service that can be challenging to understand due to the plethora of superficially similar solutions. Many of these offerings can technically manage Apple devices, though they fall short regarding features (especially with Macs).

A software license, even a cloud hosted subscription, requires training, configuration, and significant time spent maintaining the solution. These are hidden costs in other solutions. We’ve taken all these needs into consideration and bundled them into Robot Cloud — a truly simplified solution.

The biggest surprise companies have when they invest in a management solution is the amount of time required before it's usable and delivering a return on their investment. To get a more accurate fiduciary comparison between Robot Cloud and other Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, you must bundle a full salary with benefits (or an hourly wage without benefits) into the costs of the software. Plus, how many engineers can you afford? Just one? Well, Robot Cloud comes with at least a dozen and growing. How long will it take your team to implement the solution? How long will it take them to test the solution and how much time will you allocate to continued maintenance and troubleshooting? If you have someone sitting around looking for things to do, then this might work — and it will certainly be better than doing nothing. However, if your current IT team (or individual) is already giving you all the time they have, how can you expect them to learn your new MDM software on top of their current duties? It's not going to happen — at least not without making significant sacrifices. The result will be a long, inefficient and frequently interrupted ramp-up period resulting in a relatively basic solution. Our team has been developing Robot Cloud since 2007. We have taken Jamf Pro — the leading enterprise tool for Apple device management — and expanded it to include everything a team needs to get started quickly. Custom features like our Troubleshooting tools in Self Service, SupportMenu, Dashboard with Zendesk integration, and automated patching are just a few of the custom features we've built into Robot Cloud. Plus, Robot Cloud is built and supported by the Forget Computers team. We don't just build Robot Cloud with the features we think you'll need, we build it for ourselves, the clients we support directly and the clients who use Robot Cloud

How Good Are You At Sharing?

Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and parking apps like PARQEX are excelling as part of the sharing economy. Owning something that we don't fully utilize (an empty parking spot or a car that sits in the garage) is not as economically efficient as using what we need solely when we need it. Robot Cloud works the same way. Why buy software that will either be too limiting in features or so robust you'll never take advantage of all it has to offer? Why build policies and images and packages when these same solutions are built-in to Robot Cloud?

Yes, if you need 100% control, then you must build it yourself. This is what IBM did; most of us are not IBM. What we can do is pool our resources and share our combined talents to build a solution that surpasses all others. If we can redefine our perception of control, then we can get everything we need from a "shared" — yet secure — solution like Robot Cloud. This concept requires a modern way of thinking. Why would anyone turn down the opportunity to plug into a thoroughly built solution at a fraction of the cost of building it in-house? Most often this happens because there is a communication chasm between the people writing the checks and those delivering the service.

To Anyone In Charge Of IT Budgets

Please try this exercise: When reviewing the bottom-line of Apple device management solutions, remember to add up your total costs of licensing, infrastructure, employee salaries and intermittent support calls to outside companies. Include other intangibles that slip through the cracks, like the time required to scale up or down as your business needs change, and developing the documentation and standard operating procedures required to bring on new hires and ensure your team remains efficient, consistent, and innovative. Then compare this to the incredible value delivered by Robot Cloud.

To IT Staff Supporting Apple Devices

Robot Cloud has automated most of the manual labor previously delivered by support teams. Does this mean we have eliminated IT jobs? Absolutely not, and we're not looking to eliminate your job either!  Robot Cloud is a tool best utilized in the hands of an IT professional with experience in the IT delivery process. Robot Cloud frees you to focus on providing more strategic technology solutions to your organization and allows you to spend more time than ever helping people use and understand technology. 

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