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Software Automation

Software Automation

Much of the Robot Cloud magic happens behind-the-scenes with the automation of software installations and patching. Check out the spreadsheet below for all the current Robot Cloud titles and contact us if you need additional titles in your robot.


Self-explanatory, name of the software title and if it's an Installer or an Updater (patch). 

The latest version of the software tested and supported within Robot Cloud.

The patch schedule is weekly, unknown (–), or via the Adobe Remote Update Manager (RUM)

Denotes if the title is available in Self Service, or not (–) .

Feel comfortable in the CLI? Learn how to Triggers Actions via the Command Line.

SPECIAL POWERS: If you're an Admin who knows what you're doing , there may be times when it's helpful to activate the full list of Actions available on a Mac (including those typically hidden.) We call this Enable Robot Cloud Admin and it can be invoked with the promote command. Give it a try today and let us know what you think.


Automate for a consistent and secure experience!


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