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Our team lives in Chicago and Minneapolis, however Robot Cloud works anywhere the Internet is available. Contact us if you have any questions!

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Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide





Enrolling devices into Robot Cloud is as easy as installing software:

  1. Enroll Macs using the custom file provided to you during sign-up. 
  2. Enroll iOS devices using your unique URL provided during sign-up.

The best way to enroll new devices is automatically via Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Contact us to get started.

Nearly all of Robot Cloud's management is automated. This includes inventory, notifications, updates and more. Robot Cloud can be further customized with additional opt-ins, opt-outs and custom solutions. A good place to start customizing your Robot is with our Location form.

Additional management tools include Terminal commands. See the full list of Command Line Triggers.

To help Robot Cloud distinguish between a missing Mac and one that's been removed, please complete this Removal form. We'll then send you an (optional) un-installer package to delete all components of Robot Cloud from a Mac.

Robot Cloud can send a command to unenroll iOS devices, or the MDM Profile can be removed from Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.



Streamline Your Device Data
A lot (seriously, a lot) of device data is stored in the Robot Cloud Database, powered by the JAMF Software Server (JSS). Robot Cloud extracts a summary of this information to cleanly and elegantly display in Dashboard. If you use Zendesk, then you can take advantage of the free Zendesk Dashboard App to quickly see critical information next to tickets.

Travel Up The Funnel
To speed up response times, your team will want to travel up the funnel. Zendesk is where your Support Desk lives. The Zendesk Dashboard App includes a link to the more detailed device data in Dashboard. Furthermore, if additional data is required, Dashboard includes direct links to the device in the JSS. You decide who has access to what devices via the privileges set in your Zendesk, your Dashboard, and the JSS. (Forget Computers must make changes to anything in the JSS on your behalf.)

TIP : Search your Zendesk — or ours — using a device's serial number to find the Robot Cloud Notification history of a device.



SupportMenu is customized by you, then distributed and updated via Robot Cloud. SupportMenu is your virtual business card sitting 24/7 on the Macs you support.

Plus, the SupportMenu Zendesk integration (optional) will save your team time by delivering Notifications directly to the correct individual.

Self Service

Self Service is an application that allows anyone sitting at the Mac to run a curated list of authorized Actions. Using a Terminal command you can temporarily enable all Actions. Contact us to get this command.


Dashboard is a great web tool to share with your clients. At Forget Computers we give all our Primary Contacts access to Dashboard. Dashboard provides the information required to verify what devices are in the system, and their status. You control who has access to what devices in your Dashboard. Additionally, you can allow your clients to manage their own Dashboard accounts.


We email invoices once a month. Our invoices come from FreshBooks. The invoice link in each invoice will log you in to view present and past invoices. You can also create an account and log in here. We invoice based on how many devices you have in the Robot Cloud system. Dashboard is the best way to verify how many devices you have. 


Additional Info

Register for our helpful and informative monthly Get To Know Your Robot webinars.

Watch past webinars.

Search or browse our Operations Manual.

NEW (more info coming soon): Join and participate in our Community to help guide the direction of Robot Cloud!

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With Robot Cloud you're never alone. Our friendly and experienced support team at Forget Computers can help you with Robot Cloud questions — and probably anything related to Apple Mac or iOS devices, software and peripherals. Contact us!