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all your Apple devices.


Robot Cloud Notifications are necessary to reaffirm that something is happening as expected; to alert that something unexpected occurred; and to push a process forward with an actionable next step.


Your Complete
Mac Notification System

Notifications keep your IT team — and your customers — informed! Notifications are a powerful and unique piece of the Robot Cloud ecosystem.


How easy is it to use the Robot Cloud Notification System? 
Simply enroll a Mac into Robot Cloud. There's nothing special to configure or adjust.



Unique & Evolving

The Robot Cloud Notification System is based on over 10 years of running a Support Desk — one focused on Apple devices. System Admins will often cringe when they hear a system is going to deliver automated alerts. This is a fair response considering most systems send far too many messages! 

A dizzying amount of notifications can cause an IT team to feel overwhelmed, fall behind and miss a critical message. Robot Cloud is much different. Robot Cloud is optimized to provide only helpful, meaningful and actionable notifications. We built Robot Cloud to deliver a curated list of quality notifications.  

As System Admins and Support Desk professionals, we're often not interested in what’s working — we need to know if something is broken, changed or potentially getting worse. In addition, we need to share this information with the people directly affected. Robot Cloud accomplishes all of this and more!



Every Robot Cloud Notification is formatted to be easily read and understood. Why the message was sent. Potential next steps. Details are included for searching and historical reference.


Each Notification opens with an explanation for why the message was sent.


Each Notification is stamped with technical details to help troubleshoot today, and for historical reference (searching) in the future.


Each Notification includes a few suggested next steps — including a recommendation to contact you! 


Robot Cloud Notifications Add Value to The Customer Experience


Real Benefits for Your Entire Organization

Get More People Involved  Robot Cloud Notifications are written for everyone — technical and non-technical. Don't let your IT team become a bottleneck to solving problems. Robot Cloud can send notifications directly to the person sitting in front of the problem device.

Educate & Inform – Notifying people of problems is only helpful if they know what to do with that information. Every Robot Cloud notification includes next steps. Sometimes the next step is to contact your IT team. Every opportunity to help your customer is an opportunity to share knowledge.

Save Time – When you're tight on time and resources, your day becomes very constrained. You can't get distracted by unnecessary alerts. Robot Cloud Notifications are built to provide only what's necessary to take action before a situation becomes worse.

Gain History – Every Robot Cloud notification is tagged with the device serial number and recorded for historical reference. Ever wonder how many times a Mac has Kernel Panicked, or if memory or battery issues have been a problem in the past? With Robot Cloud you'll know — even if the device is erased or renamed.

Double Check The Data


Very rarely does technology allow us to set-it-and-forget-it. Things change. Technology changes. Change can cause something that's automated (or not) to break. Robot Cloud Notifications are built to catch some of this breakage.


What if the notifications themselves become broken? Our Robot Cloud Dashboard is a separate and complementary solution that acts as a third-party auditor to ensure you have an alternate method to check the automated system.

( Have your own JSS? Get your own Dashboard! )


SupportMenu  +  Zendesk  =  Notification Nirvana


If you run your own Zendesk then Robot Cloud can be configured to deliver notifications directly to your Zendesk — and your customers.


If you use Zendesk, then you can leverage SupportMenu to automate the delivery of notifications directly to your individual customers. This bypasses your IT Team and frees them to focus on more critical issues.

Don't Use Zendesk?

It's not a problem if your IT team doesn't use Zendesk. Robot Cloud Notifications can be delivered to any email address you specify. Plus, you can still take advantage of the archive of historical and searchable notifications within our Zendesk.

Apple's Notification Center

By using SupportMenu and Zendesk, your Robot Cloud Notifications can be presented in the OS X Notification Center. Because we all receive way too many emails, this presentation method is much more powerful than sending an email.

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