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Our team lives in Chicago and Minneapolis, however Robot Cloud works anywhere the Internet is available. Contact us if you have any questions!

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24/7 Robot in The Cloud

Built to secure and organize
all your Apple devices.



The future of technology management is here. The absolute best way to secure and manage all your Apple devices. It's plug-and-play, and works with Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Apple TV devices. Get started today. Sleep better tonight.


The modern approach to managing technology in your business.


The Robot Cloud system enhances any business running Apple technology. Get started today. Sleep better tonight.


IT doesn’t get it so we’re doing a run around and talking straight to business owners. Over the past 30 years, IT built a system that required more of IT. Until it broke. IT teams historically kept people ill-informed by poorly communicating — or not communicating at all. Couple this with an insistence on doing things their way has resulted in a landscape of daily phishing attempts, malware attacks and loss of business productivity and job satisfaction. 

Think about what chance hackers have against a well-informed population of tech-smart, Apple-based, businesses? Evil characters always go after the weakest prey, and IT practices of the past have made us vulnerable. It’s time to pause, take a breath, and regroup to take control of our businesses, reduce risk and enjoy improved productivity.

Forget Computers built Robot Cloud to simplify technology in business. We're looking for 5 to 10 Mac-based businesses with at least 5 Macs (and no more than 50) to be the first to give this a go. Imagine using technology to make your business smarter — and more secure.  

Robot Cloud takes the democratization of technology even further to help small businesses compete with larger ones.

What To Expect

Robot Cloud goes beyond software with a time-tested system that involves you. We guarantee you’ll love it, or your money back.

Learn how to document your technology.

Take the lead in protecting your employees and your business by understanding how to really use technology to reduce your business risk.

  • Participate in up to 4 Hours of Group Training lead by experience business technology experts.

  • Receive daily email prompts to keep you motivated and learning.

  • Walk away with a clear understanding of where your technology strengths and weakness lie and what to do next.

We want to help people select the best technology solutions for their business. Curated solutions that will transform their operations. Enabling and activating their teams for success. Employees do their best work when they have access to the best tools. We want to fundamentally change the way people use technology — and technology support — to run their business. We plan to reduce technology fragmentation and inefficiencies. We plan to help businesses choose the best tools to solve their business problems. Help curate a set of solutions. Accelerate and amplify for success! This requires engagement. The foundation course will focus on establishing a solid framework for using technology to modernize your business. 

If you already run your own Jamf Pro Server (on premise or in the cloud), you probably aren't looking for the full power that Robot Cloud provides. However, you can still benefit from the Robot Cloud Dashboard and SupportMenu tools. Both are available as stand-alone solutions and are built to enhance the quality of service you deliver to your clients. Dashboard can be connected to any Jamf Pro Server and is available as a Zendesk app. SupportMenu can be connected to any Zendesk.

See your device data in new light.


Is Robot Cloud Right for You?


Say yes to Robot Cloud and no to managing a Jamf Pro Server. Robot Cloud is about freeing IT from the burden of infrastructure maintenance by making IT delivery more standardized and automated. Robot Cloud allows IT to focus on strategic business objectives and spend more time assisting customers.


Robot Cloud is much more than hosted Jamf Pro. It's an automated IT delivery system that includes all the extras required to immediately manage, secure and support your Apple devices:


Robot Cloud includes everything required to fully deploy and maintain an enterprise-level Mobile Device Management solution for all your Apple devices. Move to Robot Cloud and reduce or eliminate costs associated with:

  • Servers and storage infrastructure.

  • Backup and maintenance of the infrastructure.

  • Jamf Pro licenses (CrashPlan & LogMeIn available to add on).

  • Operating costs associated with hosting expenses, bandwidth fees, software maintenance, deployment and installation, plus personnel for administration and development.


Simply put, full administrative access to the back-end JSS is not included. Robot Cloud is built for IT Professionals interested in outsourcing the infrastructure required to build and maintain a robust, enterprise solution to manage and secure their Apple devices. Robot Cloud frees IT Professionals from the burden of building and maintaining the infrastructure so they can spend more time on a customer-centric approach. This allows you and your team to make the transition from an infrastructure focus to a business process focus. 


Built By Forget Computers

The Apple focused pioneers at Forget Computers have been building Robot Cloud since 2007. As a Chicago-based Strategic Service Provider, dedicated to helping Apple users since 1998, Forget Computers incorporates fantastic customer service with curated processes and extensive experience to help organizations get the most value from their Apple technologies. Our team lives in Chicago, however Robot Cloud works anywhere the Internet is available. Try it, you'll love it!