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Our team lives in Chicago and Minneapolis, however Robot Cloud works anywhere the Internet is available. Contact us if you have any questions!

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First Run

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Customize your Native OS X Deployment,
and stop building images.

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The Robot Cloud First Run Action is like magic. Within the first hour of enrollment it executes all available Actions scoped to a particular Mac. For those who can't wait, it can also be triggered via Self Service or the Command Line. Watch the video!


Your Support Info

This information applies to your entire organization and spans multiple locations. You only need to be complete this form once.

Remote Access Tool *
Do you want to install remote access screen sharing software? Robot Cloud LogMeIn is available as an add-on.
SupportMenu *
Will you be customizing SupportMenu for distribution to your customers?
Admin Account
We recommend creating a common Admin Account on all the Macs you manage.
It's good to change this password when agents are terminated, you believe the password is compromised, or at least once per year. Contact us as needed to automate the changing of this password.

Example First Run Log File …

Your Locations

This form may need to be completed multiple times — once for every location that requires a unique set of Actions.

List multiple names if the will all have the same Actions.
Provide Public IPs for each location (up to 10 single or ranges of IPs).
Directory Binding *
Although we do NOT recommend binding to AD, we have to ask ... Do you want to automate a directly bind at this location?
Security Software *
Do you want to install any security software at this location?
Printers *
Any special Print Drivers you want to include at this location. Select all that apply.
CrashPlan Backup *
Will this location use CrashPlan or another backup software solution? Robot Cloud CrashPlan is available as an add-on.
Do any Applications need to be installed by default at this location? List all that you're interested in seeing Robot Cloud install.
Do you need to block any Applications from running at this location? List all that you're interested in seeing Robot Cloud remove or block from installation.
Anything else you'd like us to include or exclude at this location? Maybe a few Configuration Profiles? Should these settings apply to every Mac at this location or are there exceptions?

NOTE: Some requests may require additional fees. Don't worry, we'll contact you to discuss pricing and testing prior to pushing out any changes to your Macs.