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Our team lives in Chicago and Minneapolis, however Robot Cloud works anywhere the Internet is available. Contact us if you have any questions!

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Keep your robot running lean, clean and accurate by confirming the details of additions and removals.




Let us know if you've recently enrolled a new Mac into your Robot Cloud system. If you're enrolling multiple Macs, simply email us this information.

The serial number ensures we're talking about the correct Mac.
If you have multiple clients, locations, buildings or departments, then tell us where this Mac should live — or enter a new location and we'll create it. If this location already exists in our system then run Set Management from Self Service to activate Actions.
Management Level? *
By default, all Macs are enrolled as read-only, Inventory & Alerts, unless Actions is requested here — or through Set Management in Self Service. Please note that Servers (or any Mac with the word "Server" in the name) are always set to Inventory & Alerts to avoid automated patching.
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To fully and completely remove a Mac from Robot Cloud we need to manually remove it from the system (and reduce your invoice). If you're removing multiple Macs, send us this information via email.

Let's make double-sure we remove the correct Mac.
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